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Take a break, we'll handle the medicine - Take a break, we'll handle the medicine - Take a break, we'll handle the medicine

Redefining best practices

The problem: Trying to integrate with wider health systems, such as integrated care systems (ICS), and coordinating care across different providers can be quite complex and time-consuming.

The problem: I sometimes feel stuck because I have to follow specific services and roles outlined by the specifications. It limits my ability to address unique local needs.

The problem: Dealing with all the administrative work, like financial management and reporting, can be overwhelming and takes away from patient care.

The problem: Practices within my PCN may have different priorities, which makes it tricky to align our goals and strategies for coordinated care.

The problem: Making sure that practices within my PCN and external stakeholders communicate effectively and collaborate can be quite complex and sometimes a bit of a hassle.

The problem: It's tough to hire and keep extra staff, like pharmacists or social prescribing link workers. There's a shortage, and specific role constraints make it even harder.

The problem: Sharing patient data while ensuring it's secure and compliant with regulations can be a real headache.

The problem: Finding the time to manage my responsibilities alongside my day-to-day operations is a real challenge.

The problem: I'm not sure how much funding I'll have, where it'll be allocated, or if there'll be enough for the coming years. This affects my ability to plan and sustain my practice.

Reinventing the status quo - Reinventing the status quo - Reinventing the status quo

Remotely Integrated

Our entire service operates remote of your PCN, however integrates deeply withing your infrastructure

Learning Environment

Our environment revolves around self and group progression, with regular training and huddles.

DSPT Standards

Our entire workspace and systems run according to the guidelines set out by the NHS.

Secure CEPSAR workstations

First of it's kind, stations created specifically for PCN pharmacist CPPE training.

Senior pharmacist supervision

A senior clinical pharmacist is always on hand to provide advice, guidance and overall supervision

Best practices

All members of staff receive initial training and regular safety and best practice huddles

Team Building

All our PCN pharmacists work in tight-knit teams, each supervised by a senior member of staff.

GDPR Compliant

Our internal processes for data management ensure all patient data is stored in a GDPR compliant way.

Breakout & Destressing

Our facilities ensure all staff are well rested mentally & physically, resulting in fewer mistakes.

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