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The next stage of BCS in medicines management

Amar Adris

Managing Director

August 15, 2022

As BCS has developed in experience and grown in size, we have moved from a team of 50 to now 150+, with the launch of our new London HUB. Our aim of ensuring pharmacists are at the forefront of our business has become recognised by pharmacists nationwide.

When BCS started in Halifax, we recognised that a large number of pharmacists wanted to make the transition into primary care. Over the last 2 years, our HUB service has expanded to twice its size due to the popularity of our service to PCN’s and pharmacists.

Our vision has always been to become leading specialists in independent medicines management, with a primary focus of alleviating stress off the NHS and improving clinical outcomes for patients and its great to see that our vision has already been recognised by several Integrated Care Boards.

We have some plans for the future which we are already in the works, including developing our HUB stations around strategically placed locations in the UK.

The next step for BCS – Our London HUB

Our research led us to realise that there were no PCN Pharmacists and medicines management providers in London that provided a service dedicated to quality of service and pharmacist development.

So in August of 2022, we launched our second HUB in the Chiswick area of London, which caters for an additional 50 pharmacists, in a great environment for tailored for physical and mental well-being.

A new branding to reflect

Along with the rapid expansion of our services, we wanted to portray our vision, quality of service and brand presence with a brand refresh. Our new branding shows that we are innovative to change and able to adapt, whilst our open communication in our brand identity shows that we are transparent with our services, growth and business model.

We are really looking forward to the future and we hope you can join our journey and experience our growth with us.

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