Improving outcomes by building on trust – Hindley PCN Featured Image

Improving outcomes by building on trust – Hindley PCN

August 15, 2022

From providing 1 pharmacist to a practice within the PCN our service developed to having 7 pharmacists placed within the PCN.

One of the many examples of how our company has grown organically on the back of our service. 5 pharmacists based at each practice plus 2 pharmacists working across the PCN to manage the DES
IIF and SMR. The 2 extra pharmacists also play a part in assisting practices when their pharmacist are
on annual leave or any other type of absence.

Our Clinical Lead plus PCN Manger working alongside the senior pharmacists to create, develop and
implement the BCS protocols which have been recognised across Greater Manchester and Wigan
and have had a significant impact with targets already achieved halfway through the year.

IIF Indicators our pharmacists actively working on:

  1. CVD-01 – CVD-06
  2. ES-01, ES-02
  3. RESP 01, RESP02
  4. SMR 01, SMR 02 , SMR 03

Practice specific work:

  • Discharge letter
  • Medicine reauthorisations
  • Acute requests
  • Development of protocols
  • Regular safety audits
  • Recall development for efficiency
  • Repeat Dispensing project
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