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Saeed Nisar

Head of Operations

Hello I am Saeed Nisar (Sid), I am the Lead operations manager at Bespoke Clinical Services. I oversee operational activities from the top to ensure processes are being followed efficiently and effectively. My responsibilities include: 1) People management – Correct protocols followed, positive outcomes to clients, healthy working environment. 2) Client engagement – Involved with onboarding of clients, Correct documentation in place to for a service (SLA’s, Account set up forms) liaising with the clients on every aspect to ensure a smooth start to the service. 3) Day to Day running of the business. My experiences in life have allowed me to gain excellent people skills and I feel this helps massively with my role. I have a great attitude to every situation and always think positive, my people skill allows me to adapt to individual characters. I absolutely love learning new skills and obtaining knowledge of any kind. I value people and their feelings from a work aspect, personal or business. My daily aim is to do something a good and to help others, this aim is also transferable in my working life. I have a family of 3 children and love spending quality time with them, the kids always keep me on my toes and active. I am a Yorkshire man (born and bred) I enjoy the simple things in life, walking in the park and watching Netflix.