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Amar Adris

Managing Director

My name is Amar the co-founder and managing director of BCS. My experience prior to becoming a pharmacist in business development and sales has allowed me to transfer these skills as well as utilising my degree to create BCS. As a pharmacist, I have had previous experience in community, hospital and commissioning. One area that I experienced was the lack of support as a pharmacist wanting to transition into primary care. I am sure I was not the only one but that doesn’t mean there has to be more. For this reason we set up BCS with the aim of developing pharmacists and providing the training and support. Our HUB model is really aligning with our vision of creating pharmacists for the future. It is a proud moment to be helping pharmacists to develop in their career knowing we have played a part in this. The varied experience in work and life I have has all come together into what we have today here at BCS. Our aim is to ensure we have a service which shouts quality. In order to achieve this my vision is to train and develop pharmacists and technicians for us to be recognised as key players within the NHS. I want all those who work for us to get up in the morning and be happy to come to work. Out of work I have a busy lifestyle too, being a father to 3 lovely girls and joint carer for one of my girls. She is the one who gave me the drive and determination to get this business started, and is the one who keeps me going.