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An Introduction to Our HUB-Based Model

Saeed Nisar

Head of Operations

August 15, 2022

Hi, we are Bespoke Clinical Services, a team of specialists who work in medicines management. As a PCN Pharmacist service provider, we’ve introduced a model which is the first of its kind, providing a fully managed PCN service from our strategically situated HUBs across the country.

Our HUB in London recently opened in August 2022, while our West Yorkshire HUB has been up and running since 2019. Both have implemented a HUB-based approach, ensuring that we can maximise the benefits of our service and avoid the pain of both complex and mundane tasks, from challenges within HR and retention to medicines management.

The benefits

So how does our HUB based model actually benefit the industry, our pharmacists and the NHS?

A GP mirrored approach

The entire HUB service operates remotely from the PCN. However, it integrates deeply within the GP infrastructure. This means GP practices still have access to a quality bespoke medical service.

Access to peer support and tailored training

Our PCN pharmacists are provided with a great support system, where we have senior clinical pharmacists constantly on hand to offer expert advice, guidance, and general supervision when required. This kind of supportive environment results in more confident and expert PCN pharmacists.

Additionally, our HUB also offers the first of its kind, specifically tailored CPPE stations for PCN pharmacist training.

In-house training & huddles

The unique environment that the HUB provides circulates itself around self and group progression. This involves regular training that individuals can participate in to enhance their skills and expertise.

Aside from the initial training and regular safety checks that all staff members undergo, the team is also offered best practice huddles. These daily team huddles (otherwise known as stand-up meetings) are sharp, short and focused, ensuring that everyone is engaged and encouraged to enhance their performance.


Our HUB model allows for networking, a huge benefit when it comes to sharing services and information between the team and third-party resources. This approach enables our PCN pharmacists to strengthen their relationships within Bespoke Clinical Services, making networking valuable for those wanting to build up their professional lives.

Feeling part of a team

At BCS, there’s no reason to feel isolated or vulnerable, and unable to ask for help. With each member supervised by a senior member of staff, PCN pharmacists are empowered to ask for help when they need it. This prevents unnecessary and crucial delays; thereby enhancing our overall productivity in the long run.

Great for mental & physical health

Following the outbreak of Covid-19, the importance of taking care of our mental and physical health is of utmost importance. Fortunately, our HUB concentrates on more than work – with staff members’ well-being at the core of each process in this model. By generating a positive and supportive working environment, we can improve clinical results across the board and deliver our services to the highest standards.

Some perks in our HUB model include an on-site fully equipped gym, de-stressing rooms and quiet spaces, as well as access to mental health professionals.

But our model doesn’t only focus on the larger perks; the small ones are just as important. We offer all-day complimentary hot beverages. By being rewarded with little bonuses on a daily basis, our workers are able to re-energise themselves and get the rest time they need to perform on the job to the best of their ability.

Monthly events

We host monthly events for our workers, providing stimulating social interactions and opportunities to unwind and relax away from the stresses of completing tasks.

Fully compliant

We utilise a fully compliant framework which supports our systems. With legitimate DSPT standards, our company’s entire workspace and systems run according to the NHS guidelines.

Since all our internal processes for data management comply with GDPR regulations, we can assure patients that their data is fully protected.


There’s no doubt that our HUB model is a lot easier to manage than current solutions in the industry. By implementing factors which improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve clinical outcomes, it’s no surprise that our broad range of services has been adopted by over 40 PCNs.

Our BCS HUB model not only provides a range of advantages for workers and PCN’s, but ultimately reflects exemplary performance in the health industry, and we eagerly look forward to the future where all PCN’s can use a service that takes into consideration pharmacist wellness and efficiency as well as trained experts in medicines management that ultimately results in improved clinical outcomes.

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